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About Common Times
About Common Times
About Common Times Yanakie VIC, Australia
How to Disable or Enable Comments and Report Posts

Comments are Disabled as the Default setting because we know that is the cause of most upset on social media. This is a noticeboard, not a chat thread! 

Only Admin can ‘Enable Comments’ on a Public Post.

Admin or Delegates who create a post can enable comments.

  • Create Public Post
  • Publish post
  • Click on the post options to ‘Enable Comments

Reporting Posts

Any registered user can report a post which then comes through to Common Times admin.

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How To Assign Role in Groups

There are three types of roles within Groups - Admin, Delegate or Follower. 

1. AdminAs the Creator of a Group, you are automatically the Administrator. 

Admin can: 

  • Assign ‘Delegates’ and other ‘Admin’
  • Create ‘Public Post’s and ‘Post to Followers’
  • Create Events
  • Disable or enable commenting
  • Approve and Delete Followers
  • Change Group settings
  • Pin Posts

2. Delegates

Delegates can:

  • Create Public Posts and Post to Followers
  • Create Events
  • Delete their own Posts
  • Edit Posts and Events


Followers are registered users. They can:

  • Follow Groups
  • Report Posts
  • Follow Events and Add Events to their Calendar
  • Create their own Group
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How to post content from your Group

There are two types of posting in Common Times - 'Post To Followers' or 'Create Public Post'

1. Post a question, image or update to Followers. 

This content only goes to those people who click 'Follow' on your Group. Use it for updates that only your Followers need to know and not the General Public. 

2. Create Public News Post

This post will be visible on the Home page of Common Times and visible to everybody nearby who is using Common Times. Use it to promote an event, invite people to participate or provide an update from recent activity. 

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How to create a Group

Community Groups are what keeps us all connected and Common Times is a place for the collective voice to promote news and events and grow local networks. 

Any not-for-profit Community Group can create a Group for free post public updates. 

How to create a Group: 

1. Create an Account or Login

2. Click on Create Group

3. Fill in the details about the Group, choose between Public or Private (one is visible to the public, the other is by invitation only)

Click Publish and your'e done! 

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How to set up an event

Social catchups are what makes communities tick, so we made it easy to list and share events which then appear in the Event Feed of every person nearby - residents or tourists. 

All Events are created from within a Group. If you manage a Group, you will be asked to select which one is the host. If you don't have a Group, you will be invited to set one up first. 

1. Create an account with your name and email, or login if you are already a user

2. Click 'Create Event' 

3. Fill out the form including name, contact details, start and end time, date, event description. 

4. If you have regular events, just click the Duplicate button inside the event you want to copy

Click Publish and your'e done! 

Users can Follow your events and then get notifications if anything changes.  

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How is Common Times different?

If you are involved in a local community organisation - thank you!

If you have trouble getting your message out, you're not alone. Social media is great but it rewards constant attention and content. That's not very convenient if you just want to tell the locals about your market once a month. 

Common Times gives voice to your organisation and others like it.

How do we do that? 

  • Your Group will appear in the Groups tab and is visible to everybody nearby
  • Your Group can create notices or events that will appear to every user of Common Times in your local area
  • Your Group can see what other Groups are around and also connect with each other

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What is Common Times?

Common Times is a national, localised, digital noticeboard designed to connect community groups with people living, or visiting, nearby. 

Organised social activities and services are the driving forces of healthy, resilient communities so only Groups can post on the noticeboard to get their message out. It's for useful information and invitations to participate, not for online chats. 

Common Times will be the platform used by all Australians to find out what is happening locally, or when travelling. 

  • All content is filtered by location, what you see relates to where you are
  • Only Groups can post updates or events and it should be relevant to their location
  • Individuals use Common Times to find out what's happening around them
  • Common Times is free for individuals and community groups or non-profit services, commercial businesses pay for a listing

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