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Common Times; Keeping Communities Connected

Common Times is a national, localised digital noticeboard helping people connect, through purpose and place. Help us build the largest listing of community groups and their services in Australia by registering your Group today.

So how does Common Times work?

The Home Page is for updates from local Groups - what's on and where, and how people can get involved. Only Groups can post, not individuals because this is not a place for conversation, it's a shortcut to finding out what's happening nearby.

The Events page shows you a list of local events based on the location you set. Only Groups can set up and manage Events. Clicking on an event shows you more information and allows you to share it with others or add it to your calendar.

Shop Local is the place for listing and finding local businesses. It's free to have a listing or a paid package allows posts to the public

Community Groups and local events are the lifeblood of our communities and Common Times! We know that volunteering and organised social activity is the driving force of healthy, resilient communities so register your Group today and get your message out!

Keeping communities connected.
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