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Coal Creek to reopen

Coal Creek Community Park and Museum in Korumburra will be opening its doors again on December 5.

Coal Creek closed to the public on 20 March due to COVID-19. Now it is preparing to open just in time for the Christmas / New Year holiday period. 

Coal Creek Community Park and Museum Coordinator Rowena Ashley said she was looking forward to welcoming visitors, staff and volunteers back to the park. 

  “It will be great to see people enjoy the park once more. It has been a long time coming,” Ms Ashley said. 

Visitors will now be required to book a ticket via Coal Creek’s website to access the park. Tickets will be available from November 27. There will also be number limits, and two time slots each day to keep the park COVID safe. 

To ensure all visitors are safe, the park will be reopened in stages. The first of which will not include the opening of outbuildings and the train will not be operating. 

“We understand that this approach may cause some frustration for visitors, however we must ensure the safety of our staff, volunteers and the public. We strongly believe that the park can still be enjoyed with these restrictions in place. Bring a picnic basket, fill it up locally and come enjoy the park with us. We can’t wait to see you,” Ms Ashley said. 

For tickets and more information about Coal Creek’s reopening, please visit:

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Shedding something small in favour of a grand design

It’s been quite the journey for the Leongatha Men’s Shed members, but 2021 is shaping up as something very special.   

When Common Timesspoke recently to the group’s aptly named president, Max Wood, the ground had been levelled in preparation for the construction of a new headquarters at the Leongatha Recreation Reserve (adjacent to the skate bowl).

“It’s been between three and a half to four years to get to this stage, while the levelling of the site took two days with four or five big machines,” he said.   

“That was done by Southern Cranes and they did a magnificent job for us.”

Since then a frame has sprung up, with concrete poured.  

Club member Ron Campbell said that while it wasn’t the club’s first choice as a location it’s proven “not a bad site, with access off the road”.  

There’s an ebullience among the group, for they have in their minds’ eyes a vision of what will be. Like so many others, they are happy enough to put 2020 behind them and look toward a brighter 2021.  

“Pre-Covid there was about 40 members, but now that’s in the lap of the gods,” Max said.  

Whatever the future holds, social distancing certainly won’t be an issue in the new facility.  

The Considine and Johnson and Strzelecki Engineering project will be a whopping 490 square metres when complete.

“The argument was, if we made it smaller it wouldn’t have been big enough. So, we’ve tried to make it big enough to last the next four generations,” Max said.

He chuckles as he makes the statement, perhaps because of what it’s taken to reach this point. And perhaps because he knows that even the biggest of sheds will someday need extending.  

Established in 2012, the Leongatha Men’s Shed membership is only expected to get bigger.

For those who love being in the shed, there can be no better place. The comradery is as important as the charitable nature of the group – not to mention the chance to hone your skills with the help of some pretty handy blokes.  

“We’re not out there beating the drum, but we will when the time comes. There’s certainly a few members waiting in the wings,” Ron said.

“I think the shed will attract a lot of new members too.”

Max said most of the members had coped “pretty well” with the pandemic-induced isolation. However, the statement was qualified quickly by another: “We’re very keen to get back.”

PICTURED: Leongatha Men’s Shed’s (l to r) Max Wood, Ed Bickel, Bob Beilby, Alan Hoy and Ron Campbell.   

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Community Groups - Make Your Case to Council

Each month Council provides a range of opportunities for residents to engage directly with Councillors by making presentations, submissions or asking questions. Public Presentation sessions provide opportunities for the community to present to Council on general matters of public interest or items listed on the Council Meeting Agenda.

Both General and Agenda Presentation Sessions are open to the public and media, unless deemed appropriate to be closed by the CEO in consultation with the Mayor. Matters considered in a closed session are usually sensitive and/ or commercial-in-confidence in nature.

As the CEO in consultation with the Mayor has the discretion to determine the most appropriate avenue for engagement they may invite presenters on topics of interest to Council. 

This is your chance to present on an issue you feel strongly about.  For community groups it is your chance to argue your case for more support from Council.

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Loch Market

Don't forget the Loch market is on this weekend.  Here is the link

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