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The Tempest on the airwaves

Posted 2 months ago by What is on in Castlemaine

Castlemaine Theatre Company presents The Tempest on the airwaves...

Episode 1 of The Tempest airs tomorrow, Weds 22 Sept, on MainFM at 1pm.

Get your headphones ready, and find a comfy spot to lie back in, with a nice cuppa, as the episode runs for 45mins.

In this episode we find ourselves deep in the eye of a storm with a cohort of nobles bound home to Italy after attending a celebrity wedding in Tunis. On the island, Prospera reveals her true identity to her daughter Miranda, and tells the story of how she came to be banished to the enchanted island. Caliban the fish monster sulks, while young Ferdinand is washed up on the shore, dishevelled and disoriented, he is convinced his father, the King of Naples, has drowned. Sparks fly when he meets Miranda...

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